Post Collapse Argentina



11 years after the hyperinflationary currency collapse of Argentina, the country is still in total disarray. Two people were killed during mass looting sprees last month. At least 12 others were injured as 20 supermarkets were looted. The government of Argentina has claimed that the looting is not fueled by poverty and is primarily instigated by political opposition to the party currently in power. They also claimed  that most of the looting was for electronics despite tons of photographs of looting in grocery stores. The following video does show people mostly running off with what seems to be flat screen television sets.

Looting and Riots in Argentina

Argentina’s currency, the peso collapsed in 2001 following irresponsible monetary policy and a huge run up in the national debt. Sound familiar? Argentina has struggled to restart their economy ever since. After the collapse of the peso in Argentina, a barter system arose to accommodate trade among the people. Argentina has had periods of minor recovery, but the devastation from the last decade has proven to be a challenge that they have yet been able to overcome.

Wheather people are looting because of political unrest, poverty or a little of both, Argentina is experiencing a prolonged period of civil unrest. Many people think Argentina is a good example of the turmoil that America could be facing in the near future. We have similar issues with high levels of unemployment particularly among the youth. We are continuing to use monetary policies that increase instability in our currency and bond markets. We are constantly seeing cracks in the veneer of a civil society. We are witnesses to ever increasing levels of frustration as people give up and commit random acts of violence.



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