Sunday Prepper Bible Study


Psalms 119:105 “Your word is a lamp for my feet,  a light on my path.”

Traveling at night can be treacherous, especially when the path you are traveling is not well lit. Last year, I took my wife to a romantic bed and breakfast in the Appalachian Mountains. It was on our way to Kentucky to visit my family for Christmas. She had no idea that we were going there and only knew we were stopping for the night.  I had hoped to time the trip to arrive before sundown because I knew the bed and breakfast was several miles down a winding country road. Due to traffic, we reached the exit off the highway just after dusk. Soon it was pitch dark. We could see little more than the road directly in front of us. Being city dwellers, we were not used to navigating winding mountain roads at night. A few miles off the highway, several bats flew low overhead. A few miles later, a rather rough looking dog jumped out of nowhere and started barking at the car. While these thing presented no real danger, they elevated the sense of uneasiness. Finally, by using the head lights that illuminated the road just before us we arrived. My wife quickly forgot the traumatic journey and was pleasantly surprised to find the 1800’s farmhouse that we were to be staying in.

Without the head lights, we would have never made it. Likewise, we are in need of spiritual discernment to make the correct decisions to navigate life. As we see society crumbling around us, we need God’s help more than ever. Many preppers have items that they consider part of there Every Day Carry or EDC. For some, this may be a miniature version of their bug out bag that they keep in their car, for others, it is things they keep on their person like a knife, gun, small medical kit, flashlight, para-cord bracelet or means of water purification. Several years ago as part of a New Year’s resolution, I began reading the Bible every morning before I start my day. In a way, I was making God’s wisdom part of my every day carry. I have kept doing this for years after that initial New Year’s resolution, and it has made all the difference.

Just like the head lights in the winding mountain road, the Bible gives me just enough illumination to get a few more yards down the road. That is good, it keeps me going back to it for a little more light on my path. Think how foolish it would have been for me to cut the headlights off and try to get to the farmhouse in the dark. Surely we would have ended up in a ditch. In the same way, I need God’s Word to be a lamp for my feet to keep me on the right path in life.

I truly believe that if you make spiritual preparedness a priority in you life, all of the rest of your prepping will go much more smoothly. We all have to make important decisions regarding how we will protect and invest our resources to prepare for whatever may come. Wouldn’t you love to know that you were making those decisions with God’s wisdom. New Year’s day is just around the corner. Committing to read a chapter or two of  The Bible each morning before you start the day would make an excellent resolution. Here are a few One Year Bible reading plans available online.

Happy Prepping!