For inquires or for information about advertising on this site, you may contact me via e-mail

Advertising Monthly Rates:

$175 Podcast Sponsorship includes:

A 15 second audio spot on 4 podcasts per month. The twice-weekly podcast is available to stream or download from our site and replicated to our YouTube channel.

A logo or banner that will link back to the sponsors site will be included in the show notes of each podcast.

A 200×200 pixel banner ad on the side bar of our site.

Banner ads:

Top banner ad 728×90- $175

Side bar 200×200 or similar- $75

Side bar 120×600 or similar vertical banner $100

Sponsored Posts:

We may offer sponsored posts for $175 to companies that produce products or services relevant to our message. We do not advertise for gambling, dating sites or any product or service that could be considered a vice.

Sorry, we are not participating in commission-based advertising or affiliate marketing at this time.