Truckers to Strike and Take Convoy to DC with Trucker Tim Schorer

Patriot truckers like Tim Schorer are planning a general strike to protest the abuses against the Constitution by our government. They will not be hauling goods to stores on October 11th, 12th and 13th. The truckers who are able will also be taking their rigs to DC. They hope to have 100,000 trucks in DC that weekend. Truckers are asking all Americans to show their support by not engaging in economic activity on October 11th through the 13th. They are asking us to not purchase gas, groceries, not go to the movies or out to eat that weekend. As most Prepper Recon readers should have at least one month’s worth of stored food, that should be an easy task. Listen to my interview with the patriot trucker, Tim Schorer and share this podcast anyway you can.

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Tim and I talk about some of the many violations against the Constitution in today’s post. We discuss the many violations of the 4th Amendment through the NSA PRISM program and the DOJĀ  phone tapping scandal. We talk about the violation of the 1st Amendment by the IRS in their targeting of TEA Party groups and the egregious abuses that continue to be launched against the 2nd Amendment by the Federal Government as well as states like New York and California. We also talk about Just In Time inventory and how long cities would last without truckers. We look at the threat of a complete economic meltdown and how people should try to prepare.

Learn more about the strike and convoy at RideForTheConstitution.Org

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