Prepper Link List


Radio Free Redoubt delivers weekly news and commentary to keep preppers and patriots filled in ion the important topics of the day.

Peak Prosperity Free downloadable podcast by Chris Martenson on issues that threaten our way of life.

Survival Blog. Author and former military intelligence officer, James Wesley Rawles has put together one of the most comprehensive prepper blogs out there.

The Liberty Mill aggregates RSS feeds from several liberty minded sites that seek to educate the public about freedom and economic issues.

Prepper Website Lots of links! This is the prepper equivalent to Drudge Report!

USA Free alternative news video. Greg Hunter gives great commentary and host expert guest that cover crucial issues that could cause the coming collapse.

The Lew Rockwell Show is fighting the good fight for freedom and against the false perceptions being taught by the two parties who are ruining our country through profligate spending on warfare and welfare.

Free downloadable copies of Where There is No Doctor. This is a very thorough guide to medical care and community health for areas with poor infrastructure.

Through the Bible with Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa. Free Downloadable mp3 recordings of Pastor Chuck teaching from Genesis 1 to Revelations 22. All 66 books and every chapter of each book taught in an easy to understand manor. This is the most important prep of all. Jesus said in Mark 8:36 “ What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” My translation is ” It won’t do you any good to be ready for financial collapse, EMP or nuclear war if you are not ready for death which happens to 10 out of 10 people.” Complement the mp3s with this Free On Line Bible in 20 different English versions as well as 30 different languages.

Economy and Finance Links.

The Financial Survival Network –  Free downloadable podcasts- Host Kerry Lutz gets great guest that discuss economic issues and help listeners to navigate the markets in these uncertain times.

The Mises Institute is dedicated to teaching true economics in the tradition of the Austrian School. Lots of free MP3 downloads are available to dispel the myths taught by Keynesian economist, the BLS and main stream media.

US Debt and Unfunded Liabilities Visualization. See what our national debt looks like in stacks of $100 bills. The biggest threat to our economy and  the future.

Follow The Money weekly radio show with Jerry Robinson. Great information on everything from the state of the economy to personal finance.

The Peter Schiff Show. Daily Radio show available for free downloads. The show covers the economy and financial consequences  of politics. Peter Schiff also called the 2008 Housing bubble and has written several books including his latest, The Coming Crash.

Dave Ramsey’s Online Budget Tool. Make a budget and print it out for free. Budgeting  is the first step to prepping for hard times and good times. This is the foundation of every other financial principle.

Video Links

The Day After the Dollar Crashes Dramatization based on Damon Vickers financial collapse scenario.( 10 minutes) This is Halloween scary!!!

Money as Debt will teach you  as much about the banking system in a 45 minute cartoon as a full semester of Macroeconomics.

The Assent of Money This is the entire 5 episode documentary by Nial Ferguson. It is based on the book by the same name. The book is fantastic but this will get you through quickly (4 hours) and with lots of visual aids. The Accent of Money covers the entire history of money, finance and banking to the present day. It will give you the basic knowledge you need to understand our present conundrum.

James Wesley Rawles Interview on The Prepper Recon Podcast. Mr Rawles is the producer of which is one of the most read prepper sites around. He is also a former military intelligence officer as well as the author of the Patriots book series.

The Day After Disaster History channel presentation about an nuclear attack on DC

Other Links


 Prepper Discussions about everything prepper. You can join for free and be part of the conversation or just read the threads.

Always Prepared This is a very thorough forum. Lots of great stuff for homesteading and self sufficiency.

American Preppers Network This is a great site with lots of info. It also has network links to all 50 states so you can communicate with preppers in your area.

Patriot Outpost  Great radio show on blogtalk. Prairie prepper gives level headed commentary with great guests. Also available to download so you can listen on the go.

USCrow- Great tactical articles and how to make your own ghillie suit.

Pioneer Living- make your own soap, lard and tan hides.

Paratus Familia- Homesteading for the ladies.

SurvivalBagsInc- Great selection of prepacked bug-out bags, long-term storage food and prepper gear.

More great links!

Texas Freedom Fighters

Patriot Rising