Home Security- After the Collapse and Now

Home security doesn’t end with purchasing a firearm. Getting a good weapon to defend your life, family and property is just the beginning of  making your home secure. There are a few common sense ways to make your home a harder target now and after the collapse. Surprisingly, many of the suggestions in today’s post are not very expensive.

Hardening Your Home Now.

Criminals hate light. One of the easiest things you can do is to leave a porch light on at night. You can also add a bright light in your backyard with a simple light sensor timer and an outdoor flood light. While it is not necessarily “green” to leave extra lights on, it is a lot cheaper than getting broken into.

Make sure everything is locked up. Even when you are home, make sure the doors are locked. Leaving doors unlocked is just asking for trouble. For even more security, consider installing an alarm system. You can find an abundance of great systems on safemart.com, as well as other resources too.

When you go out of town, ask the post office to hold your mail. It usually requires only a short form to be filled out and left for your mail carrier. This easy step will avoid having a a stuffed mail box that broadcasts to the world that no one is home.

A cheap $5 timer can be programed to make your lights and TV come on after dark when you are away or working the late shift. A news channel will sound like people inside talking to anyone who is thinking of breaking in.

Security After the Collapse.

A dog will make a great team member after the collapse. You will have other chores besides standing guard 24/7. Even a small dog is very alert and will let you know if someone comes around who doesn’t belong.

Trip wire alarms are easily manufactured from a mouse trap, nail, string and most any type of firearm primer or nail gun load or toy gun caps. The video by Kipkay below shows how to make an alarm with toy gun caps. You could use the same concept with black powder firearm primers for a louder alarm. These alarms can be used to set a perimeter around your home to alert you when intruders cross preset boundaries. Never use live  ammunition rounds as these alarms could be accidentally set off by you, your pet, neighbor or child, and result in serious injury.


Think About What is On the Other Side.

If your weapon of choice to defend against intruders is a high powered firearm, make sure you think about the potential collateral damage if the bullet travels beyond the intruder. If you have kids in the next room, think about how you can take a shot without putting them in danger. Bird shot in a 12 gauge shotgun will likely kill your assailant at close range, but will  have less penetration into the next room than a large caliber hand gun or high powered rifle.

Finally, be aware. Your brain is your number one survival tool. Use it to apply these simple tips to make your home a less desirable target now and after the collapse. I find that survival fiction helps to get my creative prepper juices flowing. Check out my new prepper fiction novel, American Exit Strategy, Book One of The Economic Collapse Chronicles . Liberty minded individuals and those who believe in the Constitution will find this near future dystopian novel to be right up their alley. Those who are looking to be more informed about the potential threats to America’s financial stability will learn what to watch for and how to prepare themselves for an economic collapse.

Happy Prepping!