Max Keiser Predicts Collapse by April 2013

I always take predictions on timing the collapse with a grain of salt. We just posted an Interview with Bob Wiedemere who called the collapse in 2 to 4 years. I suppose somebody will be right eventually. Even though I don’t put much stock in predictions on timing, I am always interested to hear people state their case on why they think the collapse will occur in the time frame they specify.

Max Keiser is the host of The Keiser report on RT. It is a popular alternative economic news program. All the episodes are available to be viewed free through RT’s Keiser Report youtube channel. Max is always entertaining and quite intelligent. Check out the recent interview of Max Keiser on Alex Jones’ Info Wars.


 Max Keiser Predicts Collapse by April 2013

I am also a bit hesitant to take everything Alex Jones says as the gospel truth. Like Max, he is also very intelligent and entertaining, but he often delves into the realm of the tin foil hat. The problem with conspiracy theories is that they are theories.  They are difficult to prove. I will give him credit for his work on the Bohemian Grove infiltration. His “End Game” video presentation is also like a shot of espresso for waking people up. He does often host very credible guests like James Wesley Rawles, but Alex is not my first choice for news and information. I don’t mean to offend any devoted fans, I do think that he at least gets people thinking outside of the mainstream media box.

As for timing the collapse, I think it would be rather difficult to do so with any accuracy. I perceive confidence as being the key factor in initiating a meltdown. Most people depend on FOX , CNN or CNBC for their news and seem to be oblivious to the problems that put our financial systems at risk. As long as they believe the system is stable, it will be. As the cracks in the veneer begin, the general public will see how thin it is and race for the exit. All at once, the confidence in the dollar, US treasuries, stocks and banks will evaporate like a morning fog. The 2008 crisis will pale in comparison to this event.

For now, keep hoping for the best and prepping for the worst.

Happy Prepping!