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Prepare for Total Collapse- Moral, Economic, and Spiritual- Bob Griswold- Pt 1 4/27/16

An Electrical Engineer on EMP Preparedness 4/25/16

Prepper Expos for Skills and Gear- Dan O’Hara 4/13/16

America Cursed-God’s Hand of Protection Removed from USA-Pt2 4/11/16 

America Cursed-God’s Hand of Protection Removed from USA-Pt1 4/6/16

Expect Nothing After Disaster- Eve Gonzales Pt2 4/4/16

Lessons from Mega-Disasters- Eve Gonzales 3/30/16

Bushcraft Skills for Survival- Brian Adey 3/28/16

Webinar-Solar Cooking in Disasters 3/23/16

Practicing Your Survival Plan- John Jacob Schmidt- Pt2 3/21/16

Communications after EMP- John Jacob Schmidt 3/16/16

Surviving EMP in an Apartment- Bernie Carr 3/14/16

Coming Persecution of US Christians Will Be Severe 3/9/16

Nowhere to Run for Ex-Pats After Collapse- Captain Aaron Pufal 3/7/16

God’s Abandonment Wrath On America-Prepare Accordingly 3/2/16

Alert! Meltdown is Happening Now-Michael Snyder-Pt 2 2/29/16

Mini-Homesteading with Redneck Wannabe 2/24/16

Michael Snyder- System is Coming Unglued and Bankers Know It! 2/22/16

The Beginning of the End-Pt2-John Rubino 2/17/16

Warning! Deadly New EMP Threat from North Korea-Prepare Immediately 2/15/16

Global Economic Collapse-The Beginning of the End-Pt1-John Rubino 2/10/16

The Ultimate Bug-Out Bag Rundown- Bob Griswold-Pt2 2/8/16

Cataclysmic Events Happen Without Warning-Bob Griswold 2/3/16

Personal Preparedness-Getting In Shape with Gary Collins 2/1/16

Ham Radio Listening in Disasters- Cale Nelson 1/27/16

Grow or Die-Survival Gardening with David the Good- Pt2 1/25/16

Grow or Die-Survival Gardening with David the Good 1/20/16

Market Meltdown-Weathering the Storm with Dr. Kirk Elliot Pt2 1/18/16

Market Meltdown-Weathering the Storm with Dr. Kirk Elliot 1/13/16

Spiritual Fitness for the New Year-Dr Mike Spaulding-Pt2 1/11/16

Spiritual Fitness for 2016-Dr Mike Spaulding-Pt1 1/6/16

Hacking as a Prepping Skill–Dan Michaels- Pt2 1/4/16

US Grid Vulnerabilities to Hacking- Dan Michaels- Pt1 12/28/15

Unplugging From the Grid-Gary Collins 12/21/15

Get Prepared While You Still Can- Prepper Recon on RFR 12/17/16

Prepare Before EMP or Not At All- Dr Peter Pry-Pt2 12/14/15

EMP is Catastrophic Threat to USA- Dr Peter Pry-Pt1 12/9/15

James Wesley Rawles-Pt2-Prepping for ISIS and a Bad Winter 12/7/15

James Wesley Rawles-Preparing for Islamic Invasion- Pt 1 12/3/15

US Dollar On Global Hitlist- Dr Kirk Elliot- Pt 2 11/30/15

US Dollar Targeted for Destruction- Dr Kirk Elliot 11/23/15

Preparing for Famine from Global Cooling 11/19/15

Social Madness a Sign Of Spiritual Warfare Against USA 11/16/15

What the Bible Says About Hillary’s National Gun Ban 11/12/15

Unprecedented Persecution Coming-Prepare Now-Pt2-Bob Griswold 11/9/15

Unprecedented Persecution Coming-Prepare Now-Bob Griswold 11/5/15

Michael Snyder-Judgement of God is Imminent-Pt 2 11/3/15

Michael Snyder-Judgement of God is Imminent 10/28/15

Bernie Sanders Communist Makeover-Glen Tate- Pt2 10/26/15

Communist Makeover of USA Is Well Underway-Glen Tate 10/22/15

Criminalization of Christianity- Pt 2-Prepper Recon on VFTB 10/19/15

Criminalization of Christianity-Prepper Recon on VFTB 10/14/15

EMP Threat Is Very Real- Linore Burkard 10/12/15

Mystery Babylon, The Vatican and the US-Pastor Kieth Iton 10/7/15

James Wesley Rawles-Pt2 -We’re Headed For A Cataclysmic Event 10/5/15

James Wesley Rawles-We’re Still Headed For A Cataclysmic Event 9/30/15

Post-Apocalyptic Gardening-David the Good-Pt 2 9/28/15

Survival Gardening-David the Good 9/23/15

Americans are Dependent on a Failing System-Tim Young 9/21/15

Unplugging From a Failed System-Off-Grid with Starry Hilder 9/16/15

Meltdown is Imminent-Pt2- Prepper Recon On Soaring Eagle Radio 9/14/15

Systemic Meltdown is Imminent- Prepper Recon On Soaring Eagle Radio 9/9/15

Final Warning to Prepare-The Last Days Before Shemitah! 9/7/15

Shemitah Food Production-Farmer Steve 9/2/15

Shemitah Comms Readiness-Cale Nelson 8/31/15

The Final Hours Before Shemitah-Prepare Now 8/26/15

When It All Falls Apart, You Better Be Spiritually Ready-Pt 2-Dr Mike Spaulding 8/24/15

Spiritual Shemitah Readiness-The Role of the Church in Prepping-Pt 1-Dr Mike Spaulding 8/19/15

Solar Cooking With a Sun Oven 8/17/15

Catastrophic Bubble Ready To Blow!- John Rubino-Pt2 8/12/15 

Catastrophic Bubble Ready To Blow!- John Rubino-Pt1 8/10/15

A Dire Warning to Prepare-Shemitah Readiness Checklist 8/5/15

Ominous Warning Signals-Shemitah Financial Readiness-Fox519 8/3/15

Are You Prepared For The Collapse? Pt 2- Southern Prepper 1 and Prepper Recon 7/29/15

Are You Prepared For The Collapse? Southern Prepper 1 and Prepper Recon 7/27/15

It’s Time To Get Ready- Prepper Recon on Radio Free Redoubt 7/22/15

Wake Up America-Jon McNaughton 7/20/15

Are We Living In The End Times?-Pt 2 Todd Sepulveda 7/15/15

Lessons From Greece-Stock Up On Essentials While You Can-David Morgan 7/13/15

Will America Survive September?- Todd Sepulveda 7/8/15

Could US See Bank Closures Like Greece?-David Morgan 7/6/15

Currency Collapse and Chaos Pt 2- Chuck Coppes 7/1/15

Prepare Now For The Economic Reset-Fabian Calvo 6/29/15

Currency Collapse and Chaos – Chuck Coppes 6/24/15

You’re On Your Own In A Collapse-Officer Jack Waller 6/22/15

Dr. Dennis Cuddy-Part 2-The New World Order and Globalist Agenda 6/17/15

Pt2- James Wesley Rawles-It Could Get Very Ugly 6/15/15

Dr. Dennis Cuddy-The New World Order and The Globalist Agenda 6/10/15

James Wesley Rawles-Time Is Short, Wake Up! 6/8/15

Prep Like a Girl- Katie Owen 6/3/15

The Seven Step Survival Plan-David Kobler 6/1/15

Prepping for Grid Failure-Cal Wilson 5/27/15

The End of America-John Price 5/25/15

Will You Be Ready When It Hits The Fan? 5/20/15

Getting Off The Grid-Gary Collins 5/18/15

Developing Your Survival Group-Charley Hogwood 5/13/15

EMP Would Leave Millions Dead-Tony and Nancy Martineau 5/11/15

Go While The Getting Is Good-Slow Motion Bug Out 5/6/15

Jonathan Cahn- Mystery of the Shemitah 5/4/15

Militarization of a Police State-Officer Sam Wheat 4/29/15

Could Greek Default Trigger Global Meltdown- Fox519 4/27/15

Protecting Yourself From Government Surveillance -Dr. Katherine Albrecht Pt 2 4/22/15

Persecution of Christians in America Has Begun! 4/20/15

Government Surveillance At Unimaginable Levels-Dr. Katherine Albrecht 4/15/15

The Increase of Criminal Actions by the State- Cal Wilson 4/13/15

Staying Sober After The Collapse 4/8/15

Tyrannical Mandatory Vaccination-Hunter 4/6/15

Escaping Addiction Before The Collapse 4/1/15

Sunset for US Hedgemony and the Petro Dollar-Jerry Robinson 3/30/15

Will The Coming Collapse Be a Planned Event? 3/25/30

Society’s Thin Veneer of Civility- 3/23/15

Prepping On The Cheap- Bruce Forster 3/18/15

Surviving the Solar Minimum-Terry Mulville 3/16/15

7 Signs The New World Order Is At Hand 3/11/15

Escape Plan For Medical Tyranny- Edward and Louise DeLaney 3/9/15

The Revolution Happens One Person At A Time- Nick Hankoff 3/4/15

Don’t Create Your Own Financial Apocalypse- Cal Wilson 3/2/15

Bug Out Bags and Food Storage-SouthernPrepper1-David Kobler 2/25/15

Is A Cataclysmic Market Event Coming This September? Fox 519 2/23/15

Conspiracy Facts Abound But America Won’t Wake Up- Derek Gilbert 2/18/15

Prepare Now For The Coming Global Reset-Fabian Calvo 2/16/15

Instabilities Could Signal Global Currency Meltdown-James Anderson 2/11/15

Build Your Apocalypse Stockpile with Coupons-Coupon Prepper 2/9/15

Systemic Failure Triggered by Internet of Dangerous Things- Dana Morrison 2/5/15

Meltdown To Usher In Naziesque Laws – Glen Tate 2/2/15

Will Judgment Fall on the US in September 2015? 1/28/15

Your Financial Bunker for the Coming Economic Collapse! 1/26/15

The Coming Persecution of US Christians and Surveillance State- Dana Morrison 1/21/15

Wild Hog Hunt, Camping and Survival Gear Review 1/19/15

Cyber Attack Against US Infrastructure Inevitable-Mike Leister 1/14/15

John Rubino- 2015 Could Be The End Of The Road-Part 2 1/12/15

John Rubino- 2015 Could Be The End Of The Road 1/7/15

Global Cooling to Trigger Food Shortages-Weston Warren 1/5/15

Ruble Collapse-First Shot in New Type of War- JD Dutra 12/29/14

Ruble Currency Collapse-David Quintieri-What Happens When Its The Dollar? 12/23/14

Multiple Threats to the Grid-Bruce Forster 12/17/14

Surviving A Polar Vortex-Mike Haller 12/15/14

Government Sponsored Civil Unrest and Planned Financial Meltdown 12/10/14

Prepping for Biohazards- Weston Warren 12/8/14

Mack Worley-Plan for Massive Civil Unrest 12/3/14

Looming Economic and Political Collapse! 12/1/14

Gavin Seim-Stand Now or Forever be a Slave 11/26/14

Glen Tate-We Have To Wake These People Up! 11/24/14

Is Alternative Media the Only Source of Truth? 11/19/14

Expect Nothing in a Disaster-Richard Duarte 11/16/14

Prepping to Shelter In Place- Alex Smith 11/12/14

Seth Evanoff- The Chaos Agenda 11/10/14

The Days of Noah Book Release Giveaway-Mailbag 11/5/14

Jim Walton- What Will the Collapse Look Like? 11/3/14

Prepper Recon on Patriot Radio with Matt Shea and John Jacob Schmidt 10/29/14

Your Vote Counts in Local Elections-Washington State Rep. David Taylor 10/27/14

Reader Mailbag- Americanism and ISIS Origins 10/22/14

James Wesley Rawles- An Ebola Outbreak Could Trigger Collapse 10/15/14

Building Resiliency- Dakota Hughes 10/13/14

The Collapse Isn’t a Joke! David Quintieri 10/8/14

Prepper Recon on Survival Punk 10/6/14

When the Grid Goes Dark- Mike Liester of 10/1/14

We’re in Trouble! Fox519 of RFR 9/29/14

Intelligence 101 for the Prepper- Sam Culper 9/24/14

Know Your History- Krisanne Hall 9/22/14

Becoming Self-Sufficient-Patrice Lewis 9/17/14

Back to the Survival Basics- Charley Hogwood 9/15/14

9/11 Can You Handle the Truth? – Mike Berger 9/10/14

The Truth About 9/11 with CPS Mike 9/8/14

Get Fit for the Apocalypse- James of Survival Punk 9/3/14

Defending the Homestead-SP1 and PR on Rational Survivor 9/1/14

James Wesley Rawles-People Need to Get Prepared 8/27/14

Forming a Retreat Team- Glen Tate 8/25/14

Reader Mailbag- Ron Paul and Banking 8/20/14

Ebola- It’s Worse Than They’re Telling Us- with Kyle Starkey 8/18/14

Sword, Famine and Plague with Hunter 8/13/14

Fabian Calvo-The Next Global Economic Reset Could Be Soon 8/11/14

John Rubino-BRICS Bank Spells Death for the Dollar 8/6/14

David Kobler on the new Retreat Security Book 8/4/14

Bugging out and Relocation with Ferfal 7/30/14

Preppers and Patriots Expo 7/28/14

AR-15 vs AK-47 with Joel Edwards of The Working Man’s Armory 7/23/14

Building the Bug Out Bag with Sandi Bird Aldridge 7/21/14

Prepper Fatigue with Jim Thompson 7/16/14

Archery and Prepping with Scott Moore 7/14/14

Prepper Recon Guest Appearance on Secrets of a Survivalist 7/9/14

Retreat Security- David Kobler AKA SouthernPrepper1 7/7/14

Joe D’Amico- Fort Discovery Rifle 7/2/14

Todd Sepulveda- Spiritual and Financial Preparedness 6/30/14

System is Beyond Repair 6/25/14

Richard Duarte on Urban Preparedness 6/23/14

Don Casey-Agenda 21 6/18/14

Prepper Recon Guest Appearance on the Armed Squirrel Project 6/16/14

Gold and Silver- Reader Mailbag 6/11/14

Rick Austin-The Secret Gardener 6/9/14

Sticks from the Armed Squirrels Project 6/2/14

Moving to the American Redoubt with Hunter 5/28/14

Summer of Survival- Cindy Thompson 5/26/14

Oathkeepers- 10 Orders We Will Not Obey 5/21/14

James Yeager- Tactical Preparedness 5/19/14

Prepping for Earthquakes and Tyranny with Mack Worley 5/14/14

Fabian Calvo- Economic Reset- Causes and Cures 5/12/14

On The Move Show- Prepper Recon Guest Appearance- The Basics of Prepping 5/9/14

Prepping with Kids- Bernie Carr of Apartment Prepper 5/5/14

This Fraudulent System is Destined to Collapse- David Quintieri 4/30/14

The Homestead Learning Curve with Gary “Brewer” 4/28/14

Rep. David Taylor- Are Patriots Domestic Terrorists? 4/23/14

WA Rep. Matt Shea After-Action Report from The Bundy Ranch 4/21/14

Defending the Constitution with Congressional Candidate David Wagie 4/16/14

Legal Non-Taxpayer, David Zuniga on IRS Fallacies 4/14/14

What Does the Fox Say About the Economy? 4/9/14

Mark Donges of 419 Systems 4/6/14

Glen Tate on 299 Days- The Movie! 4/2/14

Loss of Reserve Status Means Death of The Dollar- Doc of 3/27/14

Nullify the NSA- Shane Trejo of 3/24/14

Richard Wilkinson on Medical Preparedness 3/19/14

EJ Owens- Stay Alert-The War is Not Over 3/17/14

Sean from SGT Report- Is There Still Hope for Freedom in America? 3/12/14

Fighting Tyranny- Part 2 with John Jacob Schmidt of Radio Free Redoubt 3/10/14

Andy Hoffman- Black Swans, Grey Swans and World War III 3/5/14

Fighting Tyranny- Part 1 with John Jacob Schmidt of Radio Free Redoubt 3/3/14

Vlad P. on Ukrainian Crisis and Reader Mail Bag 2/27/14

Selecting a Bug Out Location for the Collapse with David Kobler AKA Southerprepper1 2/26/14

Reloading with Tim Siewert 2/24/14

Retreat Security with Glen Tate, Author of The 299 Days Book Series 2/19/14

Is America’s Destruction Spelled Out In Revelations?- Judy Newton 2/16/14

Hardening Your Home for TEOTWAWKI- Prepper Recon on Midnight Patriot 2/15/14

Surviving Doomsday with Joe Nobody 2/12/14

Podcast- Standing Up to The Tyrant- David Zuniga 2/10/14

Emerging Market Instability and Financial Preparedness-Prepper Recon on The Midnight Patriot Show 2/7/14

Doug Casey- The Other side of The Financial Hurricane Will Be Much Worse 2/5/14

Surviving a Currency Collapse – Ferfal 2/3/14

You Won’t Last Long Without Water-Prepper Recon on The Midnight Patriot Show 1/31/14

Surviving a Polar Vortex with Lori from Prepper Chicks 1/29/14

Multiple Scenarios Could Trigger Collapse- John Rubino 1/27/14

The Collapse is Unavoidable- Prepper Recon on The Gun Show with Dave Womach 1/24/14

Preparing for The Economic Reset- Fabian Calvo 1/21/14

Imminent Collapse Ensured by Systemic Corruption- Jim Thompson 1/19/14

Building a Fire- Prepper Recon on The Midnight Patriot Show 1/17/14

America Asleep at the Wheel -Johnny Johnson- US Congressional Candidate 1/15/14

The Survival Summit- Free Online Survival Classes with Dave Womach 1/12/14

Fighting Common Core’s Rotten Agenda with Debbie Gunnoe 1/9/14

2014 Silver Survival Guide with David Morgan 1/6/2014

Will 2014 Be The Year The System Fails? – Fox519 1/2/2014

End of Fiat Currency Coming Soon- Andy Hoffman 12/30/13

Don’t Wait for The Crash, Rebuild America Now- Steve Olds 12/23/13

Marksmanship and Heritage with Appleseed Instructor Trey Dawson 12/20/13

Ask Santa for a Pellet Gun- Prepper Recon on Midnight Patriot 12/18/13

Get Out of The Dollar While You Still Can with David Quintieri 12/16/13

Great Canning Recipes- Prepper Recon on Midnight Patriot Show 12/13/13

Gold and Silver Below Production Costs with Dr. Kirk Elliot 12/9/13

Glen Tate on Bug Out Locations 12/6/13

Militia Training with David Kobler AKA Southern Prepper 1 12/3/13

Fed Failure- Guest Appearance on I Am Liberty 11/30/13

DIY Solar Back Up System- Prepper Recon on The Midnight Patriot Show 11/26/13

Mutual Assistance Groups with Charley Hogwood 11/24/13

Survival Medicine with Dr Bones and Nurse Amy 11/22/13

When to Bug Out and When to Bug In- Prepper Recon on Midnight Patriot 11/20/13

TEOTWAWKI Communications with John Jacob Schmidt of Radio Free Redoubt 11/17/13

Urban Survival with Richard Duarte 11/14/13

Will the Collapse be Planned? -Jim Walton of I Am Liberty 11/14/13

Bug Out Bags and Military Purge- Prepper Recon on Midnight Patriot 11/11/13

David Kobler, Marjory Wildcraft, Dr. Bones, Nurse Amy, Dr. Kirk Elliot and David Christopher – LCBR Prepper Expo Interviews 11/8/13

Prepper Medical Kit- Prepper Recon on Midnight Patriot 11/6/13

Prepping for When SHTF-Prepper Recon Interview on Politics and Guns Podcast 11/4/13

Signs of Collapse With Brad and Mike Harris of Full Spectrum Survival 10/31/13

Gray State Movie- Resisting Tyranny with Robert Fludd 10/24/13

7 Step Survival Plan- Prepper Recon Interview on Midnight Patriot 10/22/13

Podcast- Prepping for TEOTWAWKI in an Apartment with Bernie Carr 10/18/13

“Life Changes, Be Ready” Prepper Expo- Cindy Thompson 10/11/13

James Wesley Rawles- Preparing for The Collapse 10/4/13

Truckers to Strike and Take Convoy to DC with Trucker Tim Schorer 9/26/13

Ammo as an Alternative Currency with Ammunition Depot’s Scott Blick 9/19/13

John Rubino on the Collapse of the Dollar 9/12/13

Bug Out Truck with Josh Collier of Beat The End 9/5/13

Josiah Wallingford from Brink of Freedom Online Magazine 8/29/13

Building The Perfect Bug Out Bags with US Marine Tom Sciacca 8/22/13

Financial Preparedness with FTM Daily’s Jerry Robinson on PRP 8/15/13

Education After the Collapse Prepper Website’s Todd Sepulveda on PRP 8/8/13

The Prepper Arsenal With “Sticks”8/2/13

Body, Mind and Soul- Personal Preparedness With Frank Raccioppi 7/26/13

Glen Tate Interview 7/19/13

Kieth Pendleberry of 7/12/13

Fighting Tyrany with Sean from The SGT Report Interview 7/5/13

Bugging In With Zion Prepper 6/28/13

Economics Update 6/21/13

Financial Instability – David Quintieri Interview 6/14/13

Nathan Jefferson Interview 6/7/13

Steve Gorman Interview 5/30/13

The 2001 Collapse of Argentina – Fernando “Ferfal” Aguirre Interview 5/24/13

Ed Brown of DCXposed 5/17/13

Glen Tate Interview 5/10/13

Economics Update 5/6/13

Josh Collier of BeatTheEnd.Com4/28/13

Zion Prepper Interview 4/19/13

Coupon Prepper  4/15/13